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Pavement Scopers Pavement Management SERVICES


Pavement Scopers specializes in pavement preservation management. We help property managers and owners manage their pavement's preservation and maintenance needs from surveying pavement conditions and needs, planning, project management, and your project getting bids by 3 or more pre-approved contractors. We are Licensed, Bonded, Insured and our Accredited Pavement Managers (APM) we will insure you are presented with all the options in pavement maintenance tool box including Hot and Cold Asphalt Recycling options that can save over 30% of your scares budget dollars.

What is Pavement Pavement Preservation Management?

By surveying your pavement we can set up a proactive pavement preservation schedule to extend your pavement life and save $$$ in reconstruction cost. 

Our Qualifications are what makes us Different


Pavement Scopers is not just a consulting company we also have a Arizona Contactor License # 295401 and are fully insured and bonded. Our Project Consultants are also APMs (Accredited Pavement Managers) certified from the International Pavement Management Association and Auburn University. Along with our 30 years of experience in the Arizona asphalt business we have 26 years experience in Information Technology and bring the digital age to asphalt. We bring technology and testing into every evaluation.

We now offer a free consultation to meet us and develop your own opinion of who we should be your premier pavement consulting service. The majority of our clients save the cost of our services just by using our RFP and bidding service.  

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